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Frank Tebbe

Friend, former collegue at Nyenrode Business Universiteit, my support in strategy but foremost in creative concepts!

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Also finalist in Communication man/woman & Communication Talent of the year 2018:


Robert Heida

Friend. Inspirator. Travel companion to the Bordeaux harvest of 2016. Best example of how LinkedIn can bring people together. Expert on high quality coffee, but also on almost anything you can eat or drink, and the way to develop, sell and present it. 

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(2) Network partner businesses

Frans van Gool

Former Royal Netherlands Marine Corps officers course class-mate of mine. Known him since 1979. Passionate about food and wine. He has now his own business as your "Frantastic cook at home". Going out for diner at home! Frans will join our programs in the Be(e) In(n) Bordeaux on request. 

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Erik van Iterson  

Former Royal Netherlands Navy collegue of mine. Has built a few different websites for me already. Very professional. Customer friendly. Very experienced. Designs websites (in cooperation with creative partners), and hosts and services websites. Of course this website was also designed, built and is hosted by his company MISD. 

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Johan Bosma

Former Royal Netherlands Marine Corps collegue of mine. Now entrepreneur in photograpy. Most photo's on this website were made by Johan. Great professional to work with. Team player, very creative and thinks from the perspective of the client. 

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Above photo was made by Claire Wuite


Jingwei (Stella) Ling

I know Stella from my work at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. She was then a student and won a scholarship from the program I managed. She is now an entrepreneur in Chengdu (China). We are working closely to develop various services in the triangle China-France-The Netherlands. More to follow later.

If in the mean time if your are interested in expanding your business to China, you must contact her. (under construction).

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