At a ‘grape’s throw’ away from Saint Émilion, Bordeaux's Mecca, lies a beautiful, welcoming manor house: the Bee Inn.

Within easy reach from the airports of Bordeaux (45 minutes) and Bergerac (60 minutes), the Bee Inn provides for a rural retreat among the vineyards, with good meeting facilities, a swimming pool and six bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Your awaydays, courses, workshops, training and coaching sessions are further enhanced by the manor’s magnificent location and all the extra options that the Bee Inn team can arrange for you. From your own in-house private chef to wine experiences, and from excursions on demand to a pleasant afternoon in the city of Bordeaux – we are there to help and can actively provide input to your thinking. Welcome to the Bee Inn!

Last update: February 12, 2020

Bee Inn Bordeaux!

Bordeaux vineyardhouse Bordeaux vineyardhouse  Bordeaux vineyardhouse Bordeaux vineyardhouse